Made to Measure Smoke Hoods

When fitted smoke canopies or smoke hoods reduce the opening size of a fireplace which in turn increase the pull of smoke up the flue. This means more smoke up the flue and less drawback into the room. Our custom size smoke hoods are available in a range of designs and materials such as steel, brushed steel, copper, beaten copper, brass, armour brush and much more.


These made to measure smoke hoods and canopies are not only used for fireplaces, they can also be used for other combustion appliances such as ovens or BBQ's.


To order one of our bespoke smoke canopies or hoods simply choose from our selection of designs below. Once you've chosen a design contact us with the design, dimensions and material you would like to make it from and we will send you a quote.

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Made to Measure Smoke Hood
Made to Measure Smoke Hood .
£67.20 inc VAT.
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